And let the marketing begin…

Book 2 has been sent off to the editor. Now, it’s time to start working on blurbs *internal cringe* the cover, and teasers. I’m a little worried because I just wrote the blurb and it sounds great. No way can that be right. It usually takes me days if not weeks to get it just right. Perhaps, I’m overthinking this or it could be that I just finished editing the second book, The Art of Love so the characters are fresh in my mind.

After completing the blurb, the next step is the cover. Should I use a shirtless soldier or an object cover? I see benefits to both, but usually, the object covers or nondescript covers are used by more established authors, but not many new authors. The object covers are nice because people can buy the paperback without worry or judgment from others on their book choice.

But when looking at the top 50 best sellers of military romance 15 out of 50 which doesn’t sound like a lot but when adding in the other types of covers it does. 8 are close-ups with their shirts on. 4 are various covers that honestly don’t describe the book. 2 with women. And 5 couples.

Do I use a sexy shirtless soldier? Yeah, probably. But I think with this book, I’m going to do a special edition cover too.

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