Review: Model Behavior by Andrea Johnston and M.E. Carter


Carrie has her dream job, I mean not everyone loves cleaning up poop of animals. Ok, she doesn’t either, but she does love taking care of the rescue animals especially the wild animals. She adores her hobby of reading and reviewing her favorite books. She has even attended a few book signings where she met her favorite romance authors and the cover models. One such model–Matthew Roberts. A swoon worthy specimen of a man. A man she needs to stay far away from. Not many guys are delighted when told that sex is off the table. Carrie wants to get to know the guy–know their compatibility before taking that leap. Rumors in the publishing world swirl. Matthew likes female reader attention a bit more than Carrie prefers.

Matthew Roberts has his hands full with a full time job, raising his six year old daughter and his side gig modeling. Life with a six year is never dull especially when the dog gets loose, a huge storm, and an injured squirrel lands in his yard much to his daughter’s dismay. He calls the one person who might be able to help–Carrie. Everything about Carrie intrigues and fascinates him. He can’t stop thinking about her. He has no desire to stop. The icing on top of his cake–how Carrie interacts with his daughter. His daughter adores Carrie almost as much as he does.

I have to be honest–I liked the book, but didn’t love it. After reading the previous book in the series, I was looking forward to reading Matthew and Carrie’s story. Something was lacking. While I loved most things about Matthew’s daughter, there are a few issues I have as well. The girl sounds adorable, but not quite believable. Overall, the characters fell flat.


He thinks he’s so perfect with his model behavior . . . and he just might be.

Reading and reviewing books is my hobby. Rescuing wildlife is my passion. It never occurred to me that both my hobby and passion would collide in the strangest of ways one day.

I was perfectly content in my quiet little world. Working, reading, and supporting my favorite authors left little time for dating or a relationship. Besides, when you take the horizontal mambo off the table, you sort of limit your prospects.

Then one night, Matthew Roberts in all his cover model glory blew into my life and swept me off my feet.

Life as a single dad is not for the weak. Especially when your daughter is a spunky six-year-old with a passion for singing and a weakness for baby animals. I’ve been strictly focused on being her dad and smiling for the camera to provide for her future. Having my abs splashed on the cover of romance novels hasn’t left much time for a personal life. Much to my mother’s dismay.

When a storm dropped—literally—a wild animal into my life, I knew there was one person who could help us—Carrie Myers. I just never expected her to save not only the small squirrel but to also find her way into my heart.

Sometimes the most unlikely person can be your greatest gift.

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50% of ebook release proceeds donated to Wildlife Center of Texas

Author Info

M.E. Carter and Andrea Johnston are romance writers who share a love of the written word. Combining their sense of humor, beliefs in love, and sarcasm, this writing duo has joined forces to create the Charitable Endeavors series. With the sole purpose of bringing laughter and love to their readers while tapping into their charitable hearts, a portion of the release proceeds will be donated to charity. 

Model Behavior is the third book in the Charitable Endeavors Series by M.E. Carter and Andrea Johnston. Each story is somehow related to the indie book community and is guaranteed to be a contemporary romantic comedy and fade to gray (no gratuitous sexy times when we’re donating to charity) 

As you all know, With the Charitable Endeavors series, these two romance authors have committed to releasing each book with a significant portion of the release month proceeds being donated to charity. With the release of Model Behavior, they have chosen the Wildlife Center of Texas. The Wildlife Center receives over 9,000 injured, ill and orphaned wild animals each year and is one of the largest wildlife care centers in the United States. Their mission is to care for injured, ill and orphaned wildlife through rehabilitation, public education and release. Learn more at:

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