Review: Drive Me Wild by Julie Kriss

Book 1 of Riggs Brothers series

Emily Parker is returning home to help her fraternal twin and to support her mother. Her mother, the first female cop in the country–the woman who is getting a lifetime achievement award. It’s not like Emily is a complete failure. Just because it took her a matter of hours to pack up her life doesn’t mean a thing. It’s not like she had a terrific job in Chicago, a horrible internship that she didn’t think twice about after completing it.

Her luck doesn’t get any better when her car breaks down a few miles from town. Oh and the man who she gave her virginity to comes to her rescue. A man that she has never quite gotten over. The man she compares all others to. After her last relationship she has sworn off all men, including Luke Riggs. No, especially him.

Emily Parker. She could have her choice of men then and now. She chose him. The cop’s daughter. He was the kid from the wrong side of town. Everything about them is wrong. But they fit. Always have. She is why he can never settle down. Every woman can’t compare to her. He’s tried. He went all over the country trying to find someone to replace her. Emily is irreplaceable. What happens when they cross paths again or he gets another chance with her?

How can he prove to Emily that he can be the man she needs? How is he going to fix his dad’s rundown auto shop? Luke has more issues than solutions. He should stay away from Emily especially since he thinks her mother was investigating his father. And now, him since he took over his father’s shop. He knows in his heart that Emily is it for him. Now, he just has to prove it.

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