Review: Once Upon a Bad Boy by Melonie Johnson

cover162433-medium Book 3 A Sometimes in Love Series


I adored the previous two books in the series. I couldn’t wait to devour this one too. I liked the second chance love aspect of the novel while the characters were also trying to resolve their own demons from their previous relationship failure. I received this book from the publisher and I’m grateful for the opportunity to read it.

Sadie finally has her big break! She’s the leading actress in an action movie. She’s been working hard from her diet restrictions to  intense workout schedule. It’s all going to pay off.

On the day of the script read through she meets the stunt coordinator, Bo. Her ex. Not just any ex. The one who got away. Her first love. Her first everything. The man she compares all others to. None of that matters, she has a job to do and she’s going to nail this role. It doesn’t matter that his looks still make her skin tingle and his touch completely melts her. It doesn’t help that he has to coach her on how to fall and jump through a window. The only thoughts that keep running through her mind is how she fast she can strip him out of his clothes. Anna, her best friend is no help. Her bestie encourages her to go after the studly coordinator who turned in a horse for a motorcycle. He looks sexy on both. If she rekindles her relationship with him, how will that effect her job? If the media or the studio found out, she would be crucified.She can’t deny her feelings for him.

Bo has a chance of a lifetime. He’s the lead stunt coordinator. Not assisting. Not his business partner taking over halfway. From beginning to end, this movie is all him. If he can pull it off, he can take full possession of the business he started with Vic. He knew working with Sadie was going to be a challenge. He didn’t realize how much he still loved her. Or how quickly he fell back in love with her. He can’t get involved with the lead or his business will suffer. Not to mention what the media will do to her. It’s hard to keep his hands to himself around her. It doesn’t help that the paparazzi dug up information about Sadie that he never knew about. This information could destroy them. Why would Sadie hide that from him? What else is she hiding? Can he get over her betrayal?


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