Book Review: Smitten by the Brit by Melonie Johnson

41150496  Book 2 of Sometimes in Love series 

Book 1 Smitten by the Scot


I fell in love with these characters in the first book! It was completely predictable that Bonnie would end up with Theo from the moment they met in Book 1. This is a great light beach read!! Some aspects, I struggled with believeability since Bonnie only has a Master’s degree, yet Cambridge University wants her to teach there for the summer. Odd, but I suspended reality for the sake of the storyline. Most of the actions from each character was completely predictable. I do have to admit, I was beginning to be bored by the characters and the story. I was engaged enough to want to find out the ending.

Theo was instantly attracted to the very engaged Bonnie. It took everything he had not to flirt with her while entertaining Cassie’s friends so his best friend, Logan can entertain Cassie.

Bonnie Blythe knew that Cassie Crow would be her best friend from the moment of roll call in first grade. Bonnie lived and breathed books and theatre. Oh and everything Jane Austen and William Shakespeare which is what took them to England on their trip and where Cassie met Logan. It is also where Bonnie struggled to remind herself how very unavailable she is when Logan introduced Theo to their circle of friends. Theo the gorgeous blue eyed Brit with impeccable manners.  Theo, who makes all her girly parts tingle something her own fiance has yet to do. Theo is also the person Bonnie has to eliminate from her memory. Unfortunately, Bonnie will be seeing a lot of the handsome Brit at Cassie and Logan’s wedding. Yes, wedding. Bonnie is not upset that she has been engaged for over a year without a wedding date in sight. No, not at all. She is happy for her friend and her happiness. But she’s only known Logan for less than six months! Ok, maybe a bit of jealousy is rising…especially over the fact that Logan can’t keep his hands off of Cassie. Anyone can feel the sexual tension between Cassie and Logan. Bonnie has never felt that for her fiance–like ever. It’s comfortable.

Theo was instantly attracted to the strawberry blonde in Cassie’s circle of friends. He was just doing a solid for his best friend, Logan by keeping the rest of the women entertained. He couldn’t take his eyes off of Bonnie even after he was told she is betrothed. Lucky bastard.  The lovely Bonnie is everything that a man could want. When Theo finds out what he douche fiance did…well he wants to join Logan in beating the man to a pulp. Instead he comforts her. Oh and kisses her. How those kisses haunt him. He want much more from her but not until she’s ready. Theo is heartbroken when Bonnie doesn’t call him after arriving in Cambridge. He goes to her. Theo is hiding a part of himself from Bonnie. He’s not sure if they would be able to survive. It doesn’t help that his meddlesome mother wants Theo to marry another royal. Theo’s heart belongs to someone else and he’s not sure if he can even begin a relationship–even a business relationship when is heart is elsewhere.






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