Review: The Bad Mother’s Diary by Suzie Quinn

26791029 I picked this book because it was free on Amazon and I needed a quick read for a long wait at the hospital (don’t worry I’m fine. Just waiting for a friend to have a procedure done. She’s fine too).

I had mixed feelings throughout reading this novel and almost put it down a few times for the overtly obvious happily-ever-after and cliches that are in the book. Her sister is an irresponsible young mother, her mother is over-the-top loud, and obnoxious, and she’s the responsible older sister. I do wish the ending was a bit better since Jules waits for a man to rescue her instead of find it herself then finding him. Don’t get me wrong I like that she ends with him, but I was hoping that she would find her own identity first since most of the book she’s doing a lot of search for herself and who she is. I wanted more from it.

I loved that the book is told differently–entire through her diary entries which sometimes was frustrating since the Jules was purposefully not saying things to her diary so she could remain in a state of denial. But the book is a nice quick read and contains numerous hilarious moments. I’m not sure yet if I want to read the remaining books in the series or not especially since the author jumped into the book to congratulate me as the reader for making it halfway…why? why would she disrupt my reading? That was one of the moments I almost put the book down. I hate when authors do that…just let me enjoy your book baby.

I also felt that this book is in the middle of a series or the second book of a series. I just felt like I was missing something. Later, I found out that there’s a prequel when we find out about Juliette and Nick’s courtship or dating.

I did enjoy Juliette’s quirky family and their antics cracked me up. Alex’s seriousness and his dry humor added to the hilarity of the book. Aspects of the book had a very Bridget Jones feel to it since you never know what type of hilarious trouble the female character will get into.


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