Review: Dirty English by Isla Madden-Mills

27152124 This is a new selection from my library. I have to admit that British romance–ok anything British is my weakness. Of course, I loved this book! It’s set here in the States but identical twins, Dax and Declan are British …I love both of their characters. I can’t wait until I get a chance to read Dax’s book, Filthy English . It doesn’t hurt that Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice is a strong motif woven throughout the novel. Who doesn’t love Austen?

Book 1 of British Bad Boys Series


Prom night is supposed to be a joyous celebration–a night to remember! Not a night that will forever haunt you and scar you for life. Elizabeth’s prom date, Colby did just that to her. A night forever burned into her mind–a night that she will literally never forget. Now she’s at Whitman University and far away from rich, egotistical Colby. She’s still scared. She keeps all men at arms length. She has a policy: one night only, no hot guys, no rich guys, no popular guys. Oh and no repeats. Her new neighbor Declan changes that policy. Elizabeth decides that if she’s going to get over that night, she needs to take control. If she can have a one night stand with Whitman’s sexiest guy on campus then she can take steps to heal herself. But Declan changes more than just her policy. He piques her interest in many other ways too such as how he has a copy of Pride and Prejudice sitting in a box with his boxing gloves. She wants to know more about him especially after meeting him and Dex at a frat party. For some reason Declan makes her feel safe which is odd since he’s a gym trainer and UFC hopeful. She should be scared of him and his love of violence. But it does the opposite.

What started off as a typical bet with Dex–who can get the girl to flirt with first or a date from her–becomes more than Declan expected. Of course, it has to be the unicorn on campus. He only remembers her because her namesake matches his favorite character from Pride and Prejudice–Elizabeth Bennett. While his twin is the smooth talking frat boy–Declan is rougher around the edges. For some reason he feels protective of her even from his own twin–the man he shares everything with. But Elizabeth has some serious secrets. He wants to help her heal and overcome them at the same time. Why on earth does he keep kissing her? She’s fragile–too fragile. Declan is scared he’s going to break her. But will he be the one broken?


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