Book Review: Ryan’s Kiss by Mel Walker

43683718  Candice and Ryan met in college as what started out as study partners eventually that turned into a flirtation. The two danced around their mutual attraction, yet neither acting upon it. One night changed their friendship forever. Ryan hopped on a plane for Italy to being his professional athletic career.

Three years later, he’s back. He knows what Candice has done and accomplished since their fathers are best friends. Ryan’s father has kept him updated about everything pertaining to Candice. Candice refuses to allow either father to tell her anything about Ryan. Now that he’s back, she’s scared and wants closure. Ryan wants something else entirely.




His kiss was supposed to be the start of our forever.  Instead, it marked the beginning of our end. That damn kiss. one kiss that not only destroyed our future but ended my ability to believe, to trust, to love.

He was my best friend. We should have known better.

Three years kept us apart, yet an invisible rope continues to tug at us.  He’s finally returning home and I know it’ll only be a matter of time before we must face each other again. I’m older, stronger, wiser and no longer the starry-eyed girl who followed his every command.

He almost destroyed me last time, I won’t give him a second chance. I can’t.

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