Book Review: Stirred by Annie Dyer

Severton Search and Rescue Book 2


Keren Leigh has been frenemies with Scott Maynard since he graduated from uni. She never knew why or how the sudden change in Scott. Before then Keren and Scott were close family friends. He held her after she broke her arm. They used to have long talks during hikes and family gatherings. After uni, everything changed. They threw barbs at each other on the daily became their new norm.

Scott has always been in love with Keren even when she was twelve. Thowing jabs at her is the only way to cope with the rejection, at least he has that with her. He compares every woman to her. No one compares. If he ever gets a chance with her…he will do whatever he can to keep her–to protect her. He will spend the rest of his life showing her…if she’ll let him.

Things happen in small town Severton that changes everything.


Enemies. Foes. Until one night changed them forever.

The small town of Severton doesn’t have many secrets. One of the few is exactly why Scott Maynard, bar owner and search and rescue hero, refuses to speak, acknowledge or even breathe the same air as Keren Leigh.

Keren has been Severton’s dentist for far too long and now she’s ready to move to the city, escaping the war with Scott and broadening her dating circle in the hope of a future that doesn’t just consist of evenings at home alone with a book, ancient pyjamas and a glass of wine.

All it takes is a one-night ceasefire for all of her plans and their decade-long feud to be stirred up. But they’re not the only ones to be shaken: Severton has acquired its own arsonist and other secrets are being exposed, leaving a completely different battle to be fought.

Warning: contains alpacas, retired ladies who make their own gin and have an eye for younger gentlemen plus an alternate use for a bath.

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