Book Review: Team Player by Julianna Keyes


I’m not sure if this is the beginning of a series or not. It certainly has room to grow into one since the large majority of the minor characters are single. I would love to see each and everyone of their stories especially Connor, Denzel, and Allison’s. Allison is super scary to everyone at the Thrasher’s camp which just completely intrigues me. I predict that she will fall for someone within the camp and start her own PR firm with Gwen. My personal opinion here. I love, love, loved this book and hope and pray that this is the beginning of a series. Every single character whether minor or main characters were fully developed.

Gwen Scott has been in a rut since her aunt died. She quit hanging out with her friends, bought a new house, and works for Charleston Thrashers baseball team in the PR department. A job that her aunt would have died for since her aunt is/was a die-hard Thrashers fanatic is killing Gwen. She hate it–no loathes it. Her co-workers especially Chad hate baseball. They know very little about the sport unlike Gwen who was spoonfed stats from the moment she arrived on her aunts doorstep. Literally, her aunt used to soothe her to sleep by reading Thrasher’s stats to Gwen. Oh, and now she has to take talking points down to the clubhouse and deliver them to Strip the manager who fires and verbally abuses the assistants from PR. He has chased away every one of them. Now, Gwen is that gofer who has to deliver the talking points. She just needs to get in and get out with as little contact with Strip as possible.

Strip continues to ask her for advice–advice that pays off for him. Allison keeps adding more and more to Gwen including being their mole and getting the players more involved with PR and the club. Somehow, Gwen accomplishes this. The more the season moves forward, the more she loves her job. The more she lusts after their star player.

Tyler Ashe has been alone most of his life. Until Connor. His best friend. They bonded in the foster system. Connor is gone. Now, he has to get along with Connor’s replacement, Denzel Reed. He realizes how much he hates going out. The socializing, partying, and womanizing is old. He wants someone special. But he’s also worried that he’s getting old at 32. The PR gal, Gwen catches his eye. He knows he should stay away, but she understands him. They have so many things in common. Yet, they both know that a relationship is against the club rules. She has more to lose than he does. She reminds him of what it’s like to feel love.

Can they overcome every issue between them?

Will the media ever leave Ty alone?

Can he win Gwen back after he screwed up?


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