Book Review: The Hashtag Hunt by Kristina Seek

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A fun, flirty story that is lighthearted and sweet even if the two hotties are carrying around a lot of dark baggage. I would like to see more of these four characters. The story focused on four characters instead of just one or two which is an interesting switch. It also left me craving for more from each character.

Lauren entered the Hashtag hunt for the $10,000 prize money in order to fulfill her dream of opening her own business. She meets up with her bestie, Ivy at a bar in order to fulfill as many of the tasks as possible before the deadline. The one that starts everything is #hottieinthewild. This hottie wasn’t alone. He has a hot friend. Oops! Lauren gets caught taking his picture. The hotties decide to help Lauren and Ivy with Lauren’s mission and help her win her prize money…with only hours left of the night.



About The Hashtag Hunt:

The only reason Lauren entered the Hashtag Hunt was for the $10,000 grand prize. She needed seed money for her startup, and it sounded easy enough: twelve hours to text twelve photos to someone called the Wizard. For hashtag number five, Lauren needs a #HottieInTheWild, and with the help of her best friend, Ivy, she finds the perfect subject.


The only reason Brenner entered Barkley’s Pub was to have beers with Scott, an Army brother back in town. The reunion is interrupted when a woman is caught crouched in a dark corner, taking pictures of Brenner. Lauren explains, and though embarrassed, she accepts Scott and Brenner’s offer to help with hashtag number six.


While hunting for hashtags, Lauren finds adventure and romance with her #Hottie, but she must stay focused to beat the clock and win the cash.

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About Kristina Seek:

44093882_1724658120978864_269584759183638528_oKristina Seek is the marketing and communications director for a residential design-build firm. Sometime near her fortieth birthday, she kicked around the idea of self-publishing a romance novel. With the support of her family and friends, Kristina completed her first book, The Hashtag Hunt, in 2018.

Kristina enjoys reading, traveling, and spending time with her loved ones. She lives in North Carolina with her husband and son and is currently writing her second contemporary romance novel.

 Connect with Kristina:

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