Book Review: Only You by Layla Hagen


Book 4 of Connor Family Series

I have to admit that I was a bit frustrated that I started this series with book 4 instead of at the beginning with book 1–Landon’s book. It did take me a few chapters to orient myself with the characters such as who are siblings versus significant others. After overcoming that, I quite enjoyed the characters though I wanted to see more of Carter’s nieces during his POV since they are his life, yet he has a nanny. I struggled a little bit with that and when he hired a new nanny ….well I can’t say more about that without giving a spoiler.

Valentina Connor or as her friends and family call her Val owns and operates her own beauty business with a focus on fragrances.  Val along with her twin brother Landon raised her younger siblings after her parents died. She’s used to the overbearing caretaker role. A role she was slowly stepping away from. She loves doting on others. It’s in-grained in her. When Val begins helping the sexy new business neighbor with his struggles, it becomes second nature to her. She doesn’t realize how much she’s a part of their lives until…

Carter Sloane is a successful lawyer that gained custody of his nieces after his sister and her husband were in a skiing accident. It’s not easy raising a teen and a five year girls especially when his father refuses to move to LA with them. He desperately needs help. His nanny is returning to school soon, his father is ill which means his mother can’t fly to LA, and he can’t stop thinking about the gorgeous Val who connects with April –his fifteen year old niece. But Val has already raised her siblings. It’s not fair for him to ask her to repeat the process again. Even if she’s the only person he wants to fall asleep with and wake up to.



About ONLY WITH YOU by Layla Hagen


Carter Sloane is famous for one thing: winning cases. He’s sharp, astute, and always gets his way. In his private life, he’s constantly fumbling his way around when it comes to raising his two nieces.


When he moves into a new office, he just can’t take his eyes off the fiercely independent woman across the street. He’d love to touch and kiss that irresistible body.


Valentina “Val” Connor is proud of her booming fragrance company. If only she were half as successful in her love life… Between trusting the wrong men and sheer bad luck, Val is convinced she’ll never find the one.


However, the sexy lawyer in the neighborhood with his sophisticated charm and sex-appeal is hell bent on proving to her that she’s wrong. Val’s senses warn her to stay away from men like him-even if her body is begging her to cave.


But when she finds out about Carter’s nieces, she steps in to help, doting on them with love and care. She can’t believe that the same man who is usually in control is completely in over his head with the girls.


But as Val and Carter grow closer, one thing is clear to him: He’d move mountains to make her happy, but with Val’s career soaring, how can he ask her to commit to the chaos of his life?



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About Layla Hagen


Layla Hagen is a USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance. 

She fell in love with books when she was nine years old, and her love affair with stories continues even now, many years later.

She writes steamy and romantic stories and can’t wait to share them with the world.

She is represented by fabulous Louise Fury (The Bent Agency)

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