My birthday…

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This may be a surprise but I hate my birthday–always have. Even as a little girl, I hated it. It doesn’t help that we never really celebrated birthdays…except with my grandparents. My grandparents would have my parents, and brothers over for dinner with a homemade birthday cake and a present. Sometimes, that was the only present we would receive since my parents were either unable or didn’t budget appropriately for a present. I never dreamed about my sweet 16. I didn’t even celebrate it that year. I sat in my room alone.¬† Looking back, I’ve never had a birthday party.

I’m not saying any of this for pity. It’s just a fact.

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One of the reasons why I have always hated my birthday is because it’s today. Who wants to celebrate a birthday in January? If I ever had a party I would be limited to my house–um, no. The bowling alley, Burger King (they have an indoor playground,) and skating rink. Our community is a small farming county with a handful of little villages and one actual city. City would be stretching it–population of less than 15,000. Indoor party options are limited. Who wants to go out in the blistering cold anyway?

Speaking of the cold…holy cow! The Polar Vortex is kicking everyone’s butt. Schools and businesses are cancelling and closing. I have very few memories where a snow storm or some type of winter weather. I’ve only had four birthdays where there wasn’t snow on the ground or snowing.

Ok, brighter note:

I am in the middle of editing my book. I feel like I’ve made a break through in the process. Next time, I’m stumped with this writing project I have another one that is a spin off of my current one.

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One more tidbit: the working blurb for my current writing project


Dee is perfectly content with her life. Terrific best friend. Party Girl. Random hook-ups. Soon she will graduate from college with a degree she hates–education. She doesn’t want to teach little brats anymore. What else is she going to do? Go on a summer long trip with her best friend, Lizzy. The two stay at Lizzy’s aunt’s beach house for the summer. The first few weeks are great, sun bathing, day drinking, shopping, people watching from the deck, etc.

Mike St. Augustine picked the destination for their annual buddy vacation. They take one together every few months to a year depending on the four men’s busy work schedules and deployments. All four guys, Mike, Josh, Jimmy, and Bobby have been together for most of their careers. Josh was Mike’s first soldier and now best friends. Mike being the responsible soldier picked this beach town because it was a few hours from their next duty station–Ft. Bragg. While the other three are here to find their next hook-up, Mike just wanted to relax since he’s just returned from an 18 month deployment in the Middle East. The only thing he wants is some R & R. What he gets instead is a fiesty brunette who challenges him at every turn including in the bedroom. His biggest challenge is keeping her.



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