Book Review: Winter Kisses by Addison Moore

31207025 Book 2 of 3 AM Kisses Series

Book 1: 3 AM Kisses

I loved book one so much that I bought the second and third book. Laney was hilarious and an incredible friend to Baya in book 1. I knew that her book would be filled with dramatics especially since she’s an actress. The dramatics from this book doesn’t come from Laney as I thought it would but another minor character who causes issues for Laney and Ryder. Part of me wants to know their entire love story since it sounds like the two were high school sweethearts who let their families interfere with their relationship.

Their second chance romance begins at a charity auction to raise funds for the drama department at Whitney Briggs. Laney playing one of the leading roles in Les Miserables performed at the event as well as was auctioned off. The last person, Laney imagined would be there is her ex and his mother…with her personal assistant who kept butting into her relationship with Ryder. Ryder still looks as sexy as ever, just looking at the man makes her weak in the knees. In the middle of her performance, she makes eye contact with him. Luckily, she’s a terrific actress and doesn’t miss a step of the performance but Ryder is stuck in her head. The worst part is Ryder wins her in the auction. She’s using this opportunity to get closure. One last roll with him to get him out of her system. It’s the least he can do for what he did to her.

Ryder has beat himself up for the past 12 months for what happened with Laney. Every moment since she walked out on him has been miserable. She told him to stay far away from her–he did until tonight. He was surprised when his mother bid on Laney. He was fine with someone else winning her as long as the women were bidding. Once Holt Edwards placed a bid–no way was he letting that guy anywhere near his girl. Yes, she was still his. If she only gives him tonight–he’ll take it and do everything possible to persuade her to take him back. He’ll do everything in his power to keep her. Even if he has to do something drastic.

I think this book is more of a novella than a novel since it is a bit short and fast paced which is why I wish there were more flashback of their beginning relationship. We get to see how Laney and Ryder come back together and the lengths they each will go for the other. Both of them have grown and changed as individuals which helped cement their commitment to each other.

I adore this book and have read and re-read multiple times!!


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