Book Review: Always Will by Claire Kingsley

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Book 1: Always Have


After reading Kylie and Brax’s story in Book 1, I was curious on how Selene, Brax’s twin sister and Kylie’s best friend would be paired up with someone since she has a very brash personality. Oddly, very tall which bothers some people. It bothers me that most women in books are under 5’5″ –that’s odd to me. That could be due to the fact that I’m 5’7″ and even at that my short girlfriends make fun of me. I connected with Selene in that aspect since she’s 5’9″. It’s the little things that get me. Or tall things….sorry that was a bad joke. I promise no more.

Anyway, I bought book 1 on a spur buy. But buying book 2 and 3 was well worth it! I love these characters. I was sad when I finished book 3 (review coming soon) which focuses on the ladies lives after they have their guy. Book three is more like a very long epilogue in novel format.

Selene is who I strive to be when I grow up. A strong opinionated woman with incredible business sense. She commands the room and backs up everything with her intelligence and drive. Selene has almost single-handedly kept the company she works for afloat–Vital Information when her boss Brad goes on extended vacations quite frequently. But Brad sold the company to Ronan Maddox, the owner of Edge Gear …and a one night stand with Selene five years ago after he quit Tech Solutions where both he and Selene worked. One thing about Selene, she doesn’t date or otherwise with co-workers. That’s why she wouldn’t give Ronan a chance before that night. She was weak and technically he was leaving for a new job the next day. No harm, no foul. But now he’s back–and her new boss. Ronan made it very clear during their first few conversations that she is going to be his next acquisition.

Ronan loves to take risks in his company, his hobbies, and well almost everything. His choice to be a risk taker stems from an incident in college that still haunts him–it is also why he remains completely unattached to women. Taking the risk of buying VI, looks like it will be paying of for him–One Selene Taylor sits in the conference room with all of the upper level employees. He only spent one night with her. That night made him rethink his decision to move from Seattle to San Francisco. How can one night with a woman do that? The company he just bought, Selene works for. He is going to do everything in his power to win her over. It will be a huge challenge–he loves challenges and risks. He’s sure she still has that damn no dating co-workers rule. He needs to get under her skin so he’s able to get under, over, and inside her again and again.

Selene knows how much of a risk taker Ronan is. But she’s not used to his abrasive attitude. He says things under his breathe. His fingertips graze her skin. She knows that technically, he’s sexually harassing her–but she secretly loves it. She’s scared to let him in. What will their co-workers think? That she’s sleeping her way to the top? Her ideas are only accepted because of her relationship with the boss? No way. She worked too hard for all of it to mean nothing. Ronan is not–repeat not getting to her. Except he made these rules…neither of them are to date anyone else, no flirting in front of co-workers, no close door meetings in his office, if either of them break the rules…then the agreement is over. Selene only agrees to see Ronan squirm. She thinks he can’t go without a woman or sex for very long then Ronan will have to leave her alone. Ronan sees this as an opportunity. What Selene doesn’t know is that he can go long periods without women. He’s done it before for a lot less. Selene will definitely be worth it.

What happens when they do sleep together?

What will their co-workers think about Selene when others find out about their relationship?

How will Selene react when Ronan tells her his secrets? One about business and the other from his past? Can she forgive him? Or help him?


Watch for Book 3 review….Book 3 contains spoilers to book 1 and 2. Be sure to read the first two!!

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