Book Review: Upside Down by Crista McHugh

cover153446-medium Book 2 One Fond Embrace Series

I read book 1 and loved it! I was hoping that Alex’s best friend Caz would get his own book. He did. I am not disappointed with the results.

Caz Miller is a professional surfer in Oahu. Eight years ago, he made the biggest mistake of his life. He cheated on his girlfriend because he was scared of commitment and becoming like his father. Too bad he didn’t realize how big of a mistake that was until a few years later. By that time, she hated his guts. He yearned for her. His eyes would always find her when she’s surfing or walking down the beach or with another douchebag not worthy of her. He wants to do anything to make it up to her.

Kayla Gilmore is the Queen of surfing, ranked number one in the women’s ranking for numerous years. Her only downfall is constantly dating assholes who treat her like crap. Jerks like Justin. Oh, and this jerk knocked her up and then died. She and everybody else on the beach watched when the thirty foot wave crashed. Justin popped up face down. The last person she expected was Caz to hold her while she fell apart. She wasn’t in love with Justin. They were just bed buddies. But she was carrying his baby. She cried for her surfing career and their baby.

Caz continued to help her even offering to let her live in the garage apartment above his garage. Grant it, that means Caz’s deadbeat father can’t live there. But he also wants to make up for what he did to Kayla all those years ago. He can’t let her know that he still loves her after all these years–even more after they spend more time together.

The past and present have a way of keeping people apart. Can Caz overcome his issues in order to be there for Kayla?

Can Kayla trust him after what he put her through before?



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