Book Review: Wild Collision by Micalea Smeltzer


This is book 1 of The Wild Series

Book 4 of Us…the next generation from The Willow Creek Boys series.

I love love love this author and all the books associated with The Willow Creek Series. I have to admit that the Willow Creek series is one of the first series that I read on my kindle. I was an adamant paperback gal. That’s a completely different post. Once I finished reading the last book from Willow Creek. I wanted to know what happened to the bassist’s adopted daughter Mia. I fell in love with this adorable little girl. What kind of woman did she grow up into? I was ecstatic when I found out that Micalea was writing Mia’s story. That is also why I have like three postings on this book in my blog. Sorry, not sorry. I really love these characters. I can’t wait to read the rest of The Wild series and the stories for the rest of the next generation of Willow Creek Boys. They are completely crazy and unique characters.

Now onto my review of these characters: Mia Hayes is the daughter of the bassist Joshua Hayes, Willow Creek. Yes, she has not had what some would call a normal childhood. How many kids have media outlets claiming that your father is cheating on your mother? All of which are untrue since Hayes is still madly in love with her mother, Arden. Hayes brought his family back to his hometown to raise them in a somewhat normalish environment. As normal as can be when your father is a rock god. Whatever. Mia developed her love of music from her father, although she prefers to be in the background–producing music. When her father brings his new project home, The Wild she stays as far away from the man-whoring party animals as possible. But something about Hollis draws her in. She shouldn’t be attracted to the sexy as sin lead singer. Her dad had to drag their drunk butts out of a bar with women hanging all over them. She doesn’t want to be just another notch on the sexy rocker’s bed post.

unnamed (1)

He shows her another side of himself that she doesn’t think he shows anyone else.


Hollis Wilder is the lead singer for his band, The Wild. His band just signed with Joshua Hayes’ new record label. He gets the chance to work with one of the greatest bassist players in the industry. No way is he going to blow it by sleeping with his mentor’s adorable sexy daughter. They share an undeniable attraction. He tried staying away from her especially after Hayes warned the entire band to keep clear of his daughter. The siren who watches him as he records, eats, and discusses music in the recording studio.  They can just be friends, right? But what happens if Hayes finds out about their friendship? Will he think it’s more? Does he really believe that they only have a friendship? Who else dreams about having sex with a friend? Yeah, he doesn’t believe that either.

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