Par for Cinderella Petie McCarty Book Review


I’m a little late posting for this book. Originally, I was supposed to post this for a book blitz at the beginning of August. Life happened and I just didn’t get around to it. When I had the chance to read the book for Netgalley–well, I couldn’t pass it up. I am always a bit weary when reading and review a book that is in the middle of a series. This is Book 3 of Cinderella Romances. Some books can be read as a standalone and others really need the previous books to connect to the characters. I do think that if I read the previous two, I would understand more about Aidan Cross especially since it sounds like Aidan was a significant character for Rhett and Lily’s story. I was still able to have a basic understanding of who is just from this book. I would recommend other readers to at least read Book 1 of the Cinderella Romances before reading this one.

Aidan Cross is the heir to Cross Enterprises, a multi-billion dollar company that does everything from finance to premier golf courses and real estate. The latter is the division that Aidan is in charge of. It is as close as he will ever get to his own dream–being a PGA professional golfer, a dream that he father extinguished after Aidan completed his MBA and his college golfing career. Instead, Aidan builds premier PGA golf resorts with his best friend, Rhett. The next resort is going to be in Cypress Key, Florida. There are a few hiccups with this development project beginning with time in the local jail, a corrupt mayor, and a beautiful boat tour operator, Casey Stuart.

Casey Stuart lost her father when she was a child and her stepmother is now married to the town mayor. All the men in her life have let her down with the exception of her uncle, a former PGA golfer who gave up the tour to take care of his niece when his brother died. To make ends meet, Casey runs a boat tour and helps her uncle on their golf course–a course that Casey designed. Casey’s dream is to design golf courses. She returned to Cypress Key after college to help her uncle with his failing business. He is not the only business in Cypress Key that is struggling. Almost every business in the town owes the mayor a portion of their business or large sums of money. To add to Casey’s issues, her high school boyfriend, PJ Bartow–the mayor’s son, wants her back. He is not taking no for an answer even after she tells him that she is involved with the new stranger in town. PJ is desperate and will do anything even sabotage Casey’s dreams.

Aidan didn’t believe his best friends–Rhett and Garrett when they said they fell in love at first sight. The two men must have been crazy! But when Aidan sees Casey securing her tour boat at the marina–he’s questioning everything he had previously known about women and romance. The once playboy is not only a believer but also willing to do anything for the woman he loves. But will Casey still want him when she find out his real identity?

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