The Wedding Photo: A Wedding Bouquet Novella by Laurie Baxter

theweddingphotocover I have read numerous novels by Baxter which sometimes is a good thing and sometimes bad. When I have read numerous novels by an author, I have expectations and …well…let’s just say there are moments of disappointment. The thrill is not knowing which of the two reactions I’ll have. This is the first ARC I received directed from Baxter. I wasn’t sure what to expect since this novella is a bit different than her last novel I read : Who Does He Think He’s Fooling? I always keep an open mind especially with new authors who need the extra push from readers and bloggers. Ok, enough of my little rant.

The Wedding Photo begins with Katherine or Katie at her cousin’s wedding. Her boyfriend of two years proposes on the front steps. Katherine has the perfect life–a successful career as an attorney, a handsome and successful boyfriend who supports and guides her professionally, great friends, and an idyllic proposal. But she asked Michael if she could think about it. Even Katie wondered what was wrong with her.  What she didn’t know was that a street photographer captured the entire scene include the look on her face immediately after Michael walks away. This should be the happiest moment of her life but Katie wasn’t. That’s what the photo showcased.

Bryan walked away from a high profile fashion photography career in New York City. Personally, I wanted to know a teeny bit more about why he became the recluse. He does tell the reader that he inserted himself into the life of his subject and ruined her life. But how? Inquiring minds and all that. Ok, sorry. I’m digressing. Bryan is a driver for Driverr and posts some of his street photography on a photo sharing website. He keeps to himself. He’s hiding from his own life. Something tell him to post the picture of the sad bridesmaid. He was curious about what happened to her after she went inside.

#SadBridemaid goes viral. It wrecks Katherine’s life. It embarrasses Michael and causes even more friction between the two even though Katherine still hasn’t given Michael an answer. Katherine sends a message to the photographer to take down the photo. She even finds out where he lives to ensure the photo is removed after she files a cease and desist order. She has an instant attraction to the cute bearded photographer.  So much so that she almost kisses him. Later, she dreams about whether he tastes like the fudge ripple ice cream they were sharing even though she is practically engaged.

Katherine makes numerous realizations after her encounters with Bryan. One being that she has lost Katie–the fun spirited girl for the serious buttoned-up attorney. How many sacrifices she made to her personality for her career. Why does she need to be the serious Katherine all the time? Why can’t she be Katie with her hair down instead of in a tight bun? Why does she keep wearing Bryan’s beat up hat all the time even though they said good-bye to each other?

About the Author:

Laurie Baxter has degrees in both puppetry and screenwriting because let’s face it, majoring in English would have been no more useful and way less fun. She loves chocolate, ice cream, chocolate ice cream, dogs, New York City, old movies, modern architecture, all kinds of theater, and music from before she was born. Her eighth grade English teacher told her to become a writer, so she did.



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