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My brother is getting married next month. He and his fiancee decide to not plan the wedding until oh….two months before the wedding. I’m not sure whether they decided this because they were naive about what a wedding entails or just that they figured it would take very little to plan. Either way, guess who is doing the majority of the grunt work? Yelp, you guessed it! Moi! So, after I handmade every single invitation (below–sorry about it being sideways–I took it with my phone and haven’t figured everything out with the new phone yet!), lined up the photographer, and bought my dress (I’m one of the bridesmaids). Now, I need to figure out the cake. One might think this would be the best part since you get to taste the yummy cakes…mmmm.
 But it is not, instead it is filled with stress. My brother’s fiancee, Stephanie doesn’t like to make decisions. Yeah, it has been a fun time with that. Since she is overwhelmed, she has decided as the bride she refuses to make any more decisions. Um..ok. I don’t get it but whatever. Now, I am torn what to do about this whole cake situation. She wants a cake from Wal-mart. I don’t think this is a wise decision due to the fact that the gals there had no idea how to take our order. First red flag. They couldn’t tell me how much it would cost. Second flag. And they only have two flavors or cake and two types of icing. Third flag. Oh the final straw was when I spoke to my grandfather about it. He was quite upset that she chose Wal-mart (Granddad is paying for the cake as their gift). Now, I am cake shopping alone. Steph doesn’t want to change anything even though Wally marts cakes takes like board. Who wants a plan old vanilla and chocolate cake anyway. Nothing special about. Plain ole white and chocolate board cake. Honestly, I probably should just tell granddad to leave it but…the cakes do not taste good. I like a yummy cake. I know it’s a bit selfish to hijack the brides cake. In my defense, it’s for her and the other guests benefit. Who wants to eat frozen board cake? It has been three days since she placed her order with Walmart and we still do not have a price. I just don’t feel comfortable going forward with the transaction especially since I know she really hasn’t shopped around to other bakeries in the town let alone the county. I have two cake tastings today. 😀 I will be stuffed. I can already hear the gym calling my name.
I want to do this for my brother. I want him to have the best wedding he can. There could be a place either cheaper with better cake or slightly more (really, would I know since I still don’t have a price from Walmart?) with better texture and flavor options. Alright, time to eat cake!

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