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I feel like I am at a crossroads. I know my last posting was about much the same as I am beginning. I’m feelin the pressure to figure out what to do. Should I continue with the degree I’ve started? Should I do something completely different? Do I take a chance by taking classes on campus and taking time away from my kiddos. How much different is it taking classes on campus than it is to have a full time job? Tim is pressuring me to get a job….any job. I don’t want just any job. I want something that I’ll be happy doing. I want to work with students,  well…people in general. If I work with great people, it makes the most mundane task so much better. I had a job interview at the local paper. I don’t think I’m on their short list (I wish I would be). This interview made me realize how much I miss writing. Asking questions, trying to figure something out even if I think it’s boring and stupid….someone else may need that information. It’s my job to give them that information. Well, it would’ve been had I received the offer for the position….but at the moment it doesn’t appear it will happen. On to the next …….I don’t know what will happen but I’m going to keep my options open (except for factory work….I would rather…well it severely damages my ego to the point I get depressed). I get so upset about the factory job offers because I went to college only to come back and do the exact same thing I did before getting my degree?!? Really? I don’t think so. I have improved myself. I am edu-acated….lol. I feel my hard work and  dedication should be worth a bit more. But it doesn’t feel like it. In the mean time, I’m going to re-decorate the house and spend time with my kiddos. Appreciate time to myself, with my family. 

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