Anxieties and the future

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Today, I opened a LinkedIn account which made me think of the future. Where will I be in a year, five years, and so on. Will I be doing what I want or out of necessity? I can to the more immediate future because what happens this coming semester will have an effect of the next year or so. Do I take the GRE Exam this falll? Am I ready for Grad School? Do I want and MFA or do I want to do something else within higher education, maybe a MS or EdD in Higher Education? The more I think about the future, the more anxiety I get from it. Then there’s the “what ifs” What if I fail a class or even get a C which will pull my GPA down (something I can’t afford since I want to bring it up closer to 3.5 so I can graduate with Distinction). I need to stop thinking so much. Just relax a little bit before the fall begins. Before all the whirlwind of GRE Exams begin, before portfolios, applications for Grad school and/or job applicants. 

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