stress and laundry

Why does everything seem worse when there is a boatload of laundry to do? Do the two really have a connection? Though I seriously doubt it… does occur quite often for me. Instead of stressing about the big things that I really should be upset about I stress about the damn laundry. There’s too much of in the bedroom….my hamper is overflowing. Why is it that no one….and I mean no one can actually put clothes in the hamper instead of in front of, beside, behind the hamper? Is it embedded in the Y chromosome to not put clothes in the hamper? A friend told me no though I am not sure I believe him. Honestly, what’s it matter whether or not all the clothes in the bathroom are washed or if the boys’ hamper is absolutely empty but the floor is unseen. In the big picture of it all… doesn’t matter. As long as the whole family has clean clothes does it matter if ALL the clothes are clean? No. But then if I don’t obsesses about something as small and minuscule as the laundry then what? The dishes? Or the dust on the dragons? The laundry is a distraction from the important things….like money, schoolwork, work issues, friend issues, Tim’s issues and/or problems, ect.

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