I am extremely relieved that the semester is finally over. Yea! But on the down side of that is now I have to really focus on my writing. For some reason this scared the shit out of me. I think it’s because now….I’m not just pretending to be a writer, I am a writer. As a writer, there are certain expectations which come with this label such as being a published writer. Really, is one a writer if they are not published? Are they just pretending if not published? OH geez that first rejection! Ouch! Always hurts. Could not being published the fear of rejection instead of fear of writing–the fear of truth? Why write? Do I have to? Sometimes–yes I do. But other times–no. So then why go through all the hassle? There are better writers. There are worse. So why torture yourself? Writing can at times be torturous. But it also calms me. I feel at peace while in my writing world. It’s a place where I am someone else. Someone with different worries and different problems. Someone who is like me but not. Someone who lives like me but doesn’t. Someone who despises me but loves me. It’s a world where I can be completely myself or the opposite.
This could be why I am having problems focusing on my current writing project, I don’t want to be me. The characters are very much like me. Almost too much. I feel like in a way they are me. That is scary. Rejection is scary. I’m just scared, and I don’t like that.

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I love to read! I review books for contemporary fiction, young adult, and romance novels. I read the majority of my novels on my Kindle.

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