I have been dealing with so many frustrations here lately…..I’m really not sure what to do. I mean….between my boys’ bicking and Tim’s too numerous issues, an ohhh my mom and her problems. How do I have time for the things that I need. I mean really. That’s not counting my work problems (my boss’ secretary is pushing things on me to do….I know that he’s noticed it). I have my classes and a book to write. So, where in all of this is time for me?!? Where do i have time to relax and if I did make time……would I seriously be able to? Or would I just worry more about things that I should be doing instead? Probably the later. My friends keep telling to take the time for me and do something to relax. But what? I don’t know? There are not that many things to do in order to relax. I can’t go to a spa… money. I used to relax in with a nice long hot bubble bath……listening to soft jazz music. I might have to try that.

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One thought on “Frustrations

  1. I wish I could give you suggestions to help relax, but . . . you know I have issues with that even. I mean short of drinking I can’t really relax. I know you are going to want to kill me for saying this, but . . . you might try meditation. Not at home though, there are too many distractions. Go hide in the TA office or something. If you shut the door it’s nice and quiet in there.


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