The Shoe that drops

This is an exercise from on of my writing books……The Lie That Tells the Truth by John Dufresne. I am going to do these exercises for my characters of my novel.

“What do you think is missing in your life?” shouts the evangelist from the small box-shaped television sitting atop of the counter behind the bubble gum popping, long, bright red painted acrylic nailed attendant with bright red lipstick and way too much blush on her tiny cheeks. She scans his items between pops of the bright blue gum. “That’ll be $20.96,” pop, slurp. Josh tosses $21 walks out the door thinking about that question. What is missing? It’s true something is. Other than normalcy. Nothing is normal anymore. Nothing has been normal for months. Car honks at him for stepping in front of it though he barely notices. Six months before he noticed everything and everyone. He had to. If he didn’t people died. People died…….he was surrounded by death. He couldn’t escape it. Enemies, friends, buddies, strangers, children, women……they all died. He didn’t. He didn’t even get hurt. Why? Was it an act of GOD like his mother said? Or was he just lucky? Nah….can’t be luck……if that was the case life would be different. He wouldn’t be wondering through life questioning everyone and everything.

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