Materialistic Neighbors

The holidays are supposed to full of fun, good-cheer, and kindness. And yet the majority of my friends and family are stressed out and crabby. Stressed about whether this person or that person will like what was bought for them. Or if their kids will get upset because the parents couldn’t afford to buy what the kids had asked for. Our society has become so materialistic and self centered. Even though now it is a few days after Christmas, I hear the neighborhood children bragging about what they received. Or worse, their parents bragging about what and how much was bought for the children. (I define bragging as stating what was received in a condescending manner.)

I have noticed the families which brag about the items received are also the families who normally have to watch their budgets. Is this a social class type of thing? Maybe they don’t realize that they are bragging. It could be that they don’t understand how petty it is to talk about what material things are given and received.

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