Things I’d Rather Do Than Die Christine Hurley Deriso

Things I’d Rather Do Than Die

Christine Hurley Deriso

Jade Fulton works at Royal Gym, who is brillant and a bit pretentious with her best friend Gia. One night Ethan Garrett comes into the gym right at closing. Jade is required to stay until Ethan finished his workout. Ethan is the star quarterback, dates a cheerleader, a devote Christian, and all around good guy. While Jade is waiting for Ethan to finish his workout, a masked man enters the gym–robs them and locks both of them in the aerobics room. The duo spend over eight hours together talking, joking and pondering various aspects of their lives. Jade questions Ethan’s devotion to Christianity even though Jade’s stepmother is a practicing Catholic. 

Shortly after the two are rescued, both return to their normal lives. Jade is still sarcastic but now realizes hoe empty her life is. Ethan questions how much of a nice guy he is. Both teens ponder their roles in life and what impact their actions are within their loved ones lives. Though Jade and Ethan have vastly different lives, they have a common ground–being locked in that room and questioning their place in the world. 

This is a terrific novel for teens who are confused bout their place in the world. 

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