One night. One decision.

Taking chances isn’t a new concept to me, but this decision changes my entire life. That night on the terrace is the night I decided to overhaul my life. No more party girl. That night,  I take a chance with a sinfully sexy, cerulean-eyed, sex god. But that doesn’t mean I’m ready for a commitment.

Which is why I ran from the only man I’ve ever loved.


I knew the moment I met Dee she was the one, the only person who could change how I think, how I feel—and how I look at life. She’s a fiery, spontaneous woman who challenges me at every turn.

But right now my career won’t allow me to be the kind of man she deserves. 

And Dee doesn’t trust herself or my love for her. 

If I’m going to keep her, I have to let her walk away, as much as it pains me to my core. 

Yes, it sounds crazy and it might just backfire, but if my plan pays off, we’ll both stop running and finally realize how much we need each other, how our hearts were made for each other.

Release Date: Fall 2021

Boys of Bragg Series drops this fall!

Blurb coming soon