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I have been trying to sleep for the last two hours. Finally, I decided to get up and do something. What’s the first thing I grab? My laptop. Should be a good sign? Not really. Only because the first thing I do is log into Facebook. I think this is the first sign that I am on Facebook waaay too much. If I am wondering what others are saying after midnight or curious if anyone has responded to my postings ….worse yet…if anyone has been added to a new game I found in Facebook. Do I have enough “allies” to finish my building? Do I have enough energy to complete the next task? Yeah, I’m that pathetic now. I tried to tell myself, “I will not get on Facebook tomorrow!” Repeated with more emphasis, “I WILL not get on Facebook….for more than an hour!” Seriously, What is wrong with me? Nothing important happens on Facebook and the games are well, just games. They can wait until I send out resumes, cover letters, and make my phone calls. They can wait until I get the dishes done and the bathroom put together.
The bigger issue for me is why am I avoiding things? Am I afraid of what I will find? Or scared of rejection?Could be. Tomorrow will tell.

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