not a good start

This morning was not the best start to my day. I woke up to screaming children then a crabby husband gripping about how the oldest is playing the PS3 without permission. Honestly, how can he ask permission when everyone is asleep? I thought it was stupid especially since Tim hopped on the thing mere seconds after he kicked Alex off. Selfish jerk. I think he was just mad because he’s scared the boy will start to get better than he is on it and he does want that.
All morning Mathew has been yelling at the twins. I lost count how many times I’ve told him to quit yelling. It’s just a game. He gets so emotional over a stupid game.
Flash won’t shut up because he wants attention. Put him outside he whines, bring him in and he has to be constantly watched because he’s a puppy. Tim and Alex put him in his cage too often. I feel bad for the little fellow when he gets stuck in there because no one wants to watch him to make sure he’s not gettin into stuff.

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