lack of academic success

I have realized twice this I have yet to really accomplish anything during the three years I have been at Indiana University East. I now feel like a failure. I have no papers published–nothing published really. I have not defended nor presented anything. My only accomplishment is World Language and Culture Club and Humanities Club….ohContinue reading “lack of academic success”

Academics and Literature

I made a huge mistake this semester….I didn’t take Senior Seminar which I need in order to graduate but now I realize I could have graduated next summer. Now, I feel real stupid. I just pushed myself back one year. I wonder if I can take graduate classes before actually graduating with my bachelor degree.Continue reading “Academics and Literature”

literature paper delimmas

I am supposed to be doing some pre-writing for a paper in literature class well actually two papers for two seprate literature classes but in World Masterpieces I have let her know what my topic is on Tuesday. I have no isea what the heck to write about …..either wite something on The Odyssey orContinue reading “literature paper delimmas”