Book Review: Memories of Us by Kennedy Mitchell

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A heartbreaking second chance romance that pulls all the heart strings. This is one of the few books, I’ve cried while reading. It doesn’t help that my grandparents had a farm growing up so many of my own memories intermingled with this story and characters. It is a must read!

Brenton Graves left his grandfather’s ranch right after high school for college. Both he and his brother, Caleb attended school in Dallas–six hours away from the ranch. It also placed both boys closer to their alcoholic father who uses people, women, and drug more than toilet paper. Oh, and the Graves family are oil tycoon rich from Brenton’s great, great, great, great, great grandfather. The ranch has been in their family for generations. Too bad Brenton doesn’t remember much from his teen years through to his early twenties. Until he woke up in a rehab center with his grandfather looking over him. That was the day everything changed. Brenton cleaned himself up and joined the Army.  He hasn’t set foot on the ranch since.

Until his grandfather dies.Memories Teaser 7

Rebeka Harding has never forgotten her first love, her first everything. After the accident, he left without a word. He did leave word with his family lawyers and a bunch of papers. She did what she needed to. Complete with a Vet degree from Texas A& M. She came back to the area, sorda. She lives a town over. She can’t stand the town she grew up and the way people treated her after the accident. How they blamed and name called her for what happened. Now, the man is back for Old Man Graves funeral. Time for closure. To finally tell the man who shattered her heart to smithereens what she thinks about him and his actions.

Until she realizes he has no memory of them together.

Brenton asks Rebeka to help him remember so he can eliminate his black outs and panic attacks or the Army will med board him out. He needs to remember something from his past. He thinks it has everything to do with Beks. The more time he spends with her–the more he remembers. His mind doesn’t remember Beks but his body does. It takes everything to keep his distance from her. He doesn’t know how much longer he will last.

What will happen when he does remember? Will their new fragile relationship handle the huge secret?



Kennedy L. Mitchell

Kennedy lives in Dallas with her husband, son, and 80lb Goldendoodle who still believes he’s a lap dog. A bookworm at heart, Kennedy loves to snuggle up in bed or by the campfire with an unputdownable book. She began writing two years ago with Falling for the Chance and has no plans of stopping. Her novels are witty, action-packed, and offer enough steam for a great facial. If you like strong heroines and sexy, tattooed men who can’t keep their hands off them, then this author is the one for you.

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The tips of my fingers grasped the truck door handle, but a set of large hands gripped my shoulders and swiveled me, pushing my back against the scorching metal. The brisk walk and proximity to him had my heart thundering against my ribs and my chest heaving with each labored breath.

“Where in the hell are you going? I told you to stop,” he said, not even breathing hard after his chase.

“Home.” I shifted to turn, but his grip only tightened. “Let go, B. You did it once before. I’m sure it’ll be even easier the second time around.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” he gritted out. “What did I do? Who did I leave?”

Mouth gaping, I relaxed a fraction, only to tense again when Kyle shoved Brenton so hard that the tight grip on my shoulders released.

“Get the fuck off her,” Kyle yelled, taking a step toward Brenton with his fists raised.
“Listen, I’m just trying to—”

Memories Teaser 4“What do you mean, ‘What did I do’?” I asked, taking a step toward the two fuming men.

Brenton’s green eyes cut to mine. “I—fuck! Get the hell off me.” He shoved Kyle, sending him stumbling back several steps.

Attention back on me, Brenton moved closer, eyes searching mine. “It means I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. I don’t understand why you’re so pissed. Hell, I don’t even know why I’m out here right now. All I know is—” He shot an annoyed look at Ryder and Kyle. “Can we have two seconds here?”


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