Book Review: Ferry Godfather: A Ghost Story by Laurie Baxter

515ivtkf5ll  This cute little novella–actually it’s more like a short story was sent to me by the author. I really want to read more about Lou Junior and the antics from this wedding weekend. I can feel that nothing is going to go right for Tina.

Tina is on her way to her sister and her ex boyfriend’s wedding. Yeah, isn’t that what we all want to do. Her mother calls her while on the ferry to remind Tina of everything that she has to do during the weekend and to ensure that Tina hasn’t forgotten anything. As a reader, and I think Tina too, mom just wants to make sure that Tina is coming and isn’t going to ruin little sis’ big day. None of that is truly said.

Tina runs down to her car after her phone goes dead during her call with dear mum. Of course, as Murphy’s law would have it, the car is a complete piece of crap. Makes numerous sounds. Tina check it out and sits down by the tailpipe to figure out the sound.

She has a nice little chat with a ghost. As a reader, I’m wondering is he a ghost or is she hallucinating from the exhaust? Even Tina wonders this. Lou, the nice friendly ghost is stuck on the lower level of this ferry. He wonders how his boy is doing. Tina decides to help him. After all, he car could use some repairs.

The only auto repair on the island is Goodman and Son–the company that Lou owns with his son.

There’s a bit more, but I don’t want to give away too much. I do want more from these characters. It could be developed further into a novella or even a full length novel. Does Lou Senior remain on the ferry or does he continue to follow Tina? How does the weekend go for Tina at her sister’s wedding? Does Lou Junior go with her? I have so many questions about these characters after reading this short story. I almost feel like this is a teaser for a full length novel.

I would recommend reading this short story and other works by Laurie Baxter.


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