Book Review: Ear Candy by M.E. Carter and Andrea Johnston

Review: Thanks for Andrea Johnston for an ARC of this book. As the norm, it doesn’t disappoint. I laughed so hard my sides hurt. The things Todd said and wore…completely hilarious. The pineapple and jingle balls t-shirts are hilarious. Donna Moreno was a lawyer until she left it to be an erotic romance writer fullContinue reading “Book Review: Ear Candy by M.E. Carter and Andrea Johnston”

Book Review: Work in Progress by Staci Hart

   This is the fourth or fifth book of Hart’s that I’ve read. I absolutely love her writing. This book give a new twist to the author/book blogger relationship. I did have a few reservations while reading beginning with Amelia’s shyness disorder and lack of socialization issues. She has a circle of friends yet noneContinue reading “Book Review: Work in Progress by Staci Hart”

Book Review: Your Echo by Katia Rose

 Stephanie is a meditation coach and ballet dance teacher. She should still be a dancer, but choices were made that changed who she is. What saved her is meditation which is what brings her back to the AMM or the Societe de Meditation de Montreal. The AMM certain doesn’t cater to the rich and famous,Continue reading “Book Review: Your Echo by Katia Rose”