BOOK Review: One More Moment by Samantha Chase

Julian Grayson is the drummer of Shaughnessy–a premier rock band that was named after their lead singer, Riley Shaughnessy. The band has taken a five year hiatus and now all the member but one is ready to get back into the studio. Julian is scared and feels like a fool. He has spent the last five years with a woman who has constantly lied and cheated on him. He feels ashamed to show his face. He wants to hide from the media, studio, and everything associated with music. After leaving his toxic bride-to-be at the alter after showing a video of her cheating on him at his wedding, Julian takes a three month road trip on his motorcycle to clear his head. He thinks it helped–but did it? He is still angry and miserable. He moves out of the house he bought for Dena and into his manager’s rental on the beach.