Book Review: ab·so·lu·tion by Ava Harrison

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I was done with love.

When I opened my heart, it was for the men I couldn’t have.

The unattainable ones.

The ones who would hurt me.

A vicious cycle I couldn’t seem to stop.

But I had a new resolve.

Focus on my career.

Stay single.

And then I met him.

Jace Montgomery.

A wounded widower with two young kids.absolution FOR WEB

He was exactly everything I was avoiding.

So I did my best to stay away.

But then he kissed me.

And I fell.


Hard for a man who would never be mine…

A man who was broken beyond repair.

A man who would break me.



I kind of had a feeling that this was part of a series or at least a spin-off of Eve and Preston’s story. The beginning chapter made allusions to their story without actually divulging details about their rough patch. I do appreciate the author’s restraint in not telling too much about the hardships that Eve and Preston had to endure to get their happy ending. But I would have liked to know that there was a book that had Eve and Preston’s story before reading Jace and Sydney’s in ab-so-lu-tion. I would have still read this novel because I love Jace’s dark, broody and slightly depressed side. Sydney’s happy go-lucky personality. The character have the perfect balance of flaws. Sydney knows that she never dates men who are available to her.

Sydney has a type–unavailable men. The last loser was literally unavailable–he’s married. Of course, she didn’t know that until later which is why she broke up with him. Then there was Richard, her boss–the man who meant more to her than he should have. He is also the man who took a chance and hired her. Oh and the married ex, William is still calling her trying to win her back. She only wants to focus on her best friend, Eve making Eve’s wedding the best wedding possible. But there is a dark cloud hanging over the wedding–his name is Jace Montgomery, Eve’s future brother-in-law and best man.

Jace Montgomery is a widower with two children. His wife was tragically taken from him a little over a year ago. He still hasn’t properly grieved her death. He has immersed  himself in work. He spends very little time with his two children who are always with the nanny or his brother Preston. Oh, Preston’s wedding is the first wedding he has been to since his wife’s death. Her ghost keeps following him around the fairy tale setting. Eve is glowing with Preston by her side along with her best friend, Sydney. Jace doesn’t want to ruin his brother’s big day, but everything is so difficult to deal with. Sydney helps him through the day. He’s embarrassed that she saw him at his lowest point after the wedding.

Days after the wedding Sydney can’t stop thinking about Jace. At first she meets up with him to help him out with his kids since his nanny had to rush home for a family illness. Sydney loves his kids–Avery is adorable and sweet. Logan such a cutie–he looks a lot like his father. How can she say no to those sweet little things? Jace is different than he was at the wedding. He’s a bit more laid back. Every so often Sydney can pry a smile out of him. He flirts with her which is a bit confusing to Sydney since he is so aloof. But he’s sooo her type–completely unavailable. This time it’s emotionally.

There’s something about Sydney that’s gotten under Jace’s skin. He feels lighter–almost happy. She is filling his thoughts and dreams. He has even caught himself daydreaming about her at work–he never does that! He’s not even sure he did that with his wife, Claire. He finds reasons to text, call, and see her. He wants more from her. But can he offer more to her than casual sex and carefree family fun? Can he be the boyfriend or partner that she deserves? He doesn’t want his fears to consume him…but somehow it is. He’s scared of what might happen if he completely lets her into his heart which would be a bigger fall out than when his wife died.

When Preston calls to yell at him about his relationship with Sydney, Preston makes Jace re-think his decisions. Can Jace give up Sydney to save himself? Is it too late to save his and her heart from devastation? Will Sydney’s trip to the hospital change their lives?


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